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Seven Knights Review
Seven Knights is an Action RPG for your mobile device. Best part is, It does Free To Play right! Most FTP games either require you to pay money to even get anywhere or if they let you get places, You need to fork over money just to keep playing. In Seven Knights, The game lets you earn the paid currency through plenty of ways. Leveling up units, Arena etc. I'm going to list what i love and what i hate for this review since it's pretty hard to write a review for this game without showing any game play, So here goes the list starting with things i love.
First off: The combat is simple.
So Combat, The core mechanic if we dissect the game. Without combat, we can't get anywhere. It's fairly simple. Depending on your hero's speed, It will determine how often he, she, or it will attack. Special skills can be used at any time. The special skills have a cool down before they can be used again (If the fight lasts that long) and you can't just spam them making them balanced, there's a delay befor
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Delight Games Library review
You a fan of text based adventures? What about a text based adventure that's difficult? Well, The Delight Games Library has a few series of text based books that are also entertaining to read, as well as challenging. Some series include Wizard's choice, Detective's Choice, Zombie High and Witch Saga. All of them with their own their own themes and settings.
Wizard's Choice throws you into the medieval ages where you take the role of a wizard. You and your best friend who's like a brother to you are veteran adventurers. Your out in the woods before a goblin horde appears and your forced into running for a strange castle. Will you be able to uncover it's secret and get out alive on your first try?.......Or will you die a shit load of times like i did?
Detective's Choice throws you into a 1940s detective thriller. You are Jack, Your a Private Investigator who looks into cases that are believed to be on the supernatural side of things. This series will make you use your brain as you try to
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Brandon Faith-Blade by superwolf15 Brandon Faith-Blade :iconsuperwolf15:superwolf15 3 7
COD Ghosts Review
So while i'm angry i decided to review a franchise that still makes me angry. Call of Duty or as i like to call it, Call for money: Recycled Warfare. I decided to pick a COD game that is still fairly new but at the same time still aged. The COD franchise ages not like wine mind you but more like milk. The one i'm reviewing is COD Ghosts.
So when you think of a "Ghost" unit you typically think of an elite group of trained soldiers trained to be stealthy and sneak into enemy territory unnoticed without raising an alarm. Something Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon did....sort of. Because while they did have you sneaking around in Ghost Recon you still took everyone out between Point A and Point B until the game decided it wasn't a stealth section anymore and just have you blast your way out of the situation your in. COD Ghosts on the other hand isn't like that. They still have you go from Point A to Point B but they remove the stealth part and just have you go loud guns blazing until you hit a plo
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Freddy's prepared for this possibility. by superwolf15 Freddy's prepared for this possibility. :iconsuperwolf15:superwolf15 5 0


Owning a Raging Player by DarkMythicPsychicCat Owning a Raging Player :icondarkmythicpsychiccat:DarkMythicPsychicCat 15 17 so much yes by Xx-bunny-girl-xX so much yes :iconxx-bunny-girl-xx:Xx-bunny-girl-xX 10 14 WTF? by Xx-bunny-girl-xX WTF? :iconxx-bunny-girl-xx:Xx-bunny-girl-xX 1 0 hey~ by Xx-bunny-girl-xX hey~ :iconxx-bunny-girl-xx:Xx-bunny-girl-xX 2 0 going fishing by Xx-bunny-girl-xX going fishing :iconxx-bunny-girl-xx:Xx-bunny-girl-xX 7 9 omg XD by Xx-bunny-girl-xX omg XD :iconxx-bunny-girl-xx:Xx-bunny-girl-xX 2 0
So my father in law got a PS4 and got GTA 5 again and let me play it. First thing i did after getting past the god awful beginning mission so i can finally save the story mode progress, Was connect to GTA Online. Since i have a Rockstar Social Club account, I was able to transfer my guy from last gen to next gen. So after 30 minutes of camping in Franklin's house, waiting for my transfer to complete while yelling at the gangsters to get a job, I was able to play GTA Online. When i loaded my character, Apparently he got arrested somehow and was sent to the police station, Which we all know is bullshit since the police have the best motto in the world "Lethal force is the only appropriate force". So after getting out of the police station, My character was in his apartment and relaxing. As soon as i got out of bed, and went to look at myself in the mirror since when you transfer your character you can re-edit him and i wanted to see myself in the mirror in first person mode and the first thing that happens is that i'm yelled at "GET OUTSIDE, THERE'S A CHALLENGE GOING ON OUTSIDE, GET YOUR FUCKING FASTEST CAR AND GO!" and me being star struck yelled "OKAY!!!" then proceeding to dive into my elevator getting down to my garage and floor it as fast as i could since the challenge was to go the fastest speed in a land vehicle. After i somehow ended up in Blain County, I then immediately went to an ammu-nation and purchased all the new gen guns. I also bought the most expensive gun paint job that i could have used for other things, but the paint job was so badass for my new .50 Pistol. Then i get a call from Lamar, and immediately hung up. I'm sorry if anyone likes Lamar, But i personally don't. After he called me like my ex-girlfriend annoying the fuck out of me, I finally answered and he told me i needed to meet him at Benny's Chop Shop. Anyone who is still playing on a PS3 and a XBOX 360 will have no idea what the hell that is, Meanwhile, Anyone on next gen consoles and PC will know exactly what i'm talking about. He then tells me i need get 3 of my non-existent friends to do the job. I left all my friends behind on the PS3 so i figured, Well shit, Guess i got to play a PUB. After 6 pubs later, I gave up trying to complete the mission because it was 3AM and i wanted some fucking sleep.

All in all though, The game looks so much better on next gen consoles and i got to do what i always wanted, Play GTA in First Person Mode WITHOUT A MOD.
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